Monday, May 22, 2006

Sex Worker Visions is closed now, though pieces of art are available for sale for another week or so, so email if you're interested. Below is a full list of artists and the pieces they had in the show.

Norene Leddy, “The Aphrodite Project: Platforms”
Anne Hanavan, “Paranoid”
Molly Crabapple, “Curtains”
Charise Isis, “Narcissus”
Edel Tripp and Kire Carlson, “The Booth”
Dana Sweeney, “Body”
Joe Gallant and Belladonna, “Summer’s Eve”
Fly, untitled illustrations for $pread magazine
Chris Student, “Nell Geyn Tea Set”
Val Desjardins, “Spread MTL”
George Pitts, “April Flores”
Paul Sarkis, untitled photographs of Seymour Butts and Mari Possa
Eve Ryder, “Look Angry”
Cristy Road, illustrations for $pread magazine
Heather Corinna, “Another Satisfied Sex Worker”
Carol Leigh aka Scarlot Harlot, “Free Whores”
Kathryn Delaney and Lainie Basman, “Public Faces”
Bella Vendetta, “You can never get clean”
Sadie Lune, “Kitty’s Pedicure”
Tobaron Waxman, “Tradewinds motel," "Melissa circa 1950," "Untitled still life”
Shane Luitjens, “You Are My Fat Check”
Erin Siegal, “Nikki” and “Foot Party”
Catherine McGregor, “Foot with Money”


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